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Ancient Highways is an electro indie-rock, garage-rock, blues-rock, alt-country-post-punk duo consisting of married couple Nikol on drums and Robert on guitar and vocals. With a focus on earth shaking rhythms, moreish hooky melodies and bleeding heart lyrics these two like to turn it up and crank out the rock. This duo is all of the love you can imagine blasting through a drum kit and guitar amp



Ancient Highways tour dates

Past But Notable

14 Aug, 2017Distortion opening for Machines Like These and Strange Charm

02 Feb, 2017Nite Owl with The Galacticas and Weigh Anchors

7 Dec, 2016Dicken's Pub with Free The Cynics opening for Crystal Gardens with Boyd Tinsley (Dave Matthew's Band)

25 Oct, 2016Broken City with Chad Brown opening for KROY

17 Sept, 2016The Palomino with Septembryo and PRETTYUGLY


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